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  • Cherish The Miracle of Your Baby’s Birth Day

    The experience of riding the waves of labor. Your strength, your determination. Your partner's excitement, concern, joy. The moment of birth arrives! First look. First breathe. Baby's head settling on your chest for the first time. First little squeaky cries. Her little eyes looking into yours. His tiny mouth rooting for nourishment, for comfort. This moment will never happen again. No matter how many babies have been welcomed into the world, your baby, THIS baby, has his own special day. A miraculous day. A day that can be preserved for you, your family, and your sweet baby for her lifetime.

    I'd love to be a part of your special day, to document this miraculous journey as it unfolds. Mama Matters offers birth photography to the East Texas and DFW areas and doula services to the Greater Tyler area.

Precious Baby W was welcomed joyfully into the world via cesarean birth at Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler, TX. Unfortunately, he had to go to the NICU quickly afterwards, but he has amazing parents who barely left his side, even while recovering from surgery. His big sister even got to come say hello to her baby brother. Baby W. is so loved and precious, and it was an honor to be his strong mother’s doula and birth photographer.


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This precious boy was in such a hurry to be in the world with his lovely family that he did not even wait to be born at the hospital! His amazing mama birthed him in the car not even half a mile down the road from ETMC in Tyler, TX. This was the second birth I have been privilege to attend with this wonderful family. What a blessing!


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