Get To Know Me


As a photographer…

My love of photography started with cinematography; I graduated with a degree in Film Production in 2003. I started taking pictures of friends and family in 2009, but after shooting a few of my doula client’s births, I realized that birth photography was where my true passion lies. Being able to capture such emotion: the anticipation of the day’s final arrival, the hard work of labor, the bond between partner and laboring mama, and the utter joy of the first glimpse of her sweet baby’s face… it’s such a gift to freeze those irreplaceable moments. I strive to honor the birth process and the laboring woman by being a peaceful invisible presence in the room. 

I  am a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, and my work has been published on the cover of the textbook (as well as inside) of The Midwife’s Labour and Birth Handbook as well as featured on several blogs such as Baby Center.

As a doula…

I grew up believing that childbirth is a normal beautiful process. My mother taught me from when I was small that the natural process of labor and birth is a sacred and joyful event. Experiencing the birth of my firstborn in 2007 really led me to pursue being a doula; I desired to help other women discover how wonderful and life-changing childbirth can be.  I am a certified birth doula through Childbirth International. I also completed an intensive 3-day DONA workshop,  have studied to be a Postpartum Doula through Aviva College, and attended Advanced Business Training for birth workers through ProDoula. I firmly believe that birth is a normal life-changing event. My desire as a doula is to help that event to be impacting to the mother and her partner in a positive, beautiful way! As a doula, I come along side of the family to serve them physically and emotionally. I believe from experience that a lovely fulfilling birth can be achieved at hospitals, birthing centers and homes. I find it a privilege and a blessing to be able to serve women in this intimate way.

And the rest…

My husband Joel and I have four lovely children, Tor, Zion, Enoch, and Zephyr. All my kids were born at home with midwives, and each of their births were unique and so special! We have lived in Lindale since 2009, and I was born and raised in East Texas. I homeschool my kids, so my days are filled with books, Legos, lots of food preparation, teaching reading/algebra/botany,etc., and answering tons of questions! I am a follower of Jesus and I am grateful for His presence in my daily Life; He truly sustains me.

Family 2015PIN

My Family, 2015