Postpartum Support


“Postpartum support allows mothers and families to learn about their new baby in a safe, relaxed and supporting atmosphere. This in turn leads to better success with infant feedings, less anxiety and stress for the mother and family, and earlier bonding with the newborn.” -Mercola

I was blessed to have Kali as a postpartum doula for 5 days after the birth of my second child. Even though my son was already 2 months old, I was experiencing severe postpartum depression and OCD symptoms and needed some extra help and encouragement. Kali helped out in many ways including; cleaning and organizing my home, preparing meals, entertaining my two year old, and helping me shop. The most important thing she did though, was provide a comforting, reassuring presence during the loneliest time in my life… I am thankful to have had Kali’s support and would highly recommend her doula services!” – Kriya; 2nd time mom


Mothering the Mother

Welcoming a new baby into your home is a time that is full of excitement, joy, and fulfillment, but it can also be overwhelming at times.  Common postpartum issues include difficulty breastfeeding, feeling of isolation or inadequacy, exhaustion, or simply being overwhelmed by either normal “everyday” tasks or the newness of caring for a newborn. My mission is to help families transition into their new lives by offering encouragement, support, and guidance so that they can parent confidently and best enjoy the early days and months with their new little one!

How can a Postpartum Doula help me after birth?

As a postpartum doula, I may help the new family in many ways including:

  • Answering questions, providing support and a nonjudgmental listening ear
  • Doing light housekeeping
  • Providing breastfeeding or bottle feeding support
  • Ensuring mom has nutritious snacks/drinks to eat throughout the day, especially while breastfeeding
  • Washing, folding, and putting away laundry
  • Giving attention to siblings
  • Holding the baby/taking baby for a walk while mom gets a chance to shower, nap, play with other children, or spend time with her husband
  • Providing relaxing hands or foot massage
  • Helping with baby care and helping the parents learn infant care and soothing techniques as well as postpartum mother care
  • Accompanying the family on first trips out with the new baby (I cannot drive you or your baby in my car).
  • Helping organize the nursery and home
  • Running errands
  • Making referrals to local or informational resources you may need
  • And more! I want to care for you based on the needs of YOU and your family.

Postpartum Care Fees
A free prenatal consultation in Lindale, TX is included (if you have just had your baby we can meet in your home if within 30 miles from Lindale).  This is a great opportunity to meet and to answer questions.  There is no obligation—it’s important that we are both comfortable with each other. Current prices are my introductory price while I am still in the certifying process. You may choose a package (cheaper by the hour) or my hourly rate (with a minimum of 3 hours). Subject to change. Once you purchase a package, your rate is locked in for that package. Packages must be paid in full before the first day of service. If service is discontinued during care, you will receive a 50% refund on all unused fees. If you need to reschedule, please try to give 24 hours in advance. If you are a birth doula/birth photography client, you get discounts on my postpartum packages ($10 off Intro, $15 off Basic, $25 off Full).

Hourly Rate

  • $20/hour (minimum of 3 hours)

Postpartum Care Packages:

  • Intro Package: $170 (9 hrs service)
  • Basic Package: $400 (21 hrs service)
Full Package: $750 (39 hours of service)

The services of a postpartum doula would be a very welcome baby shower gift for any mom! Gift Certificates are available for all my packages including hourly.


When is the best time to hire a Postpartum Doula?
The best time is during your pregnancy, to ensure that I have time slots remaining in my schedule, and to get to know each other before the birth of your baby. However, you may hire me anytime: the day after your birth, or 6 months after your birth, I simply want to help you have the most rewarding postpartum time you can have. Never be afraid to contact me!

What is the scheduling like?

Scheduling times vary according to your needs and my schedule. Currently, I do not offer more than 4 hours at a time (due to nursing my own baby) or any overnight care at this time. The minimum amount of hours in one day is 3 hours. Most of the hours I have available will be between the hours of 7am-8pm.

My coverage area includes a 35 mile travel radius (from Lindale, TX).  However, I make exceptions depending on need- outside this area would incur a mileage fee of .55/mile.


What about adoptive families?

Though not recovering from a physical birth, adoptive mothers also go through the huge transition of introducing a baby into the family and experience many of the emotional responses that a birth mother does. Plus, oftentimes they may not have had a much time to prepare themselves or their home for the baby. A postpartum doula can help the adoptive families first months with their baby go smoother.

Why did you decide to certify to be a Postpartum Doula?

My decision to add Postpartum Doula to my list of doulas services is based upon primary my own postpartum processes after I had my first baby in 2007. I had a wonderful homebirth after a very healthy pregnancy. I birthed a 9 pound baby boy in under 7 hours. My mother stayed with me for the first few days and my husband was off work for a week. However, after that, I was home alone with my newborn for 8-10 hours a day. I was lonely; I had left a social job to stay at home with my son. I was still very sore from a large birthing tear; my son was a fussy baby whose sleep patterns were irregular, and though I had no significant problems breastfeeding, just learning how to nurse was challenging. I found myself eating one meal a day, not drinking enough water, and feeling very overwhelmed by the care of this little life. Things gradually got better, but I still felt weepy and overwhelmed until at least 6 months postpartum (it was not until later that I realized these are signs of postpartum depression). Even though I had an easier transition after my other two children, there were many days I wish I had a postpartum doula! I wanted to ensure other moms had that special “mothering care” that they need and deserve in the days, weeks and months after birth.
I have also had experience watching friends and family go through varying stages of postpartum depression, ranging from the mild “baby blues” to severe postpartum depression, PP-anxiety and PP-OCD. Each of these ladies truly needed extra helping hands and a listening ear.

Moms who are experiencing cesarean recoveries, twins, special needs babies, or have had traumatic or difficult births can obviously benefit from postpartum care, but so do moms who have healthy pregnancies and fulfilling births. All mothers need mothering in the postpartum time!