I hired Kali after finding her through a google search and then speaking with her over the phone.
When I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, I knew I wanted a much different birth experience than with my first baby that ended in a c-section. I wanted to be more informed when making decisions about my pregnancy and birth. Kali helped me through everything. She walked me through setting up a birth plan, she was there to answer my questions and support me when my baby was breech for a period of time, when she was measuring behind, when my doctor was trying to talk me into induction and everything else leading up to the birth. The day (or should I say days) my daughter was born, she arrived at the hospital and jumped right in to help get me through my contractions. She was there with me the entire time, helping to answer any questions I had about things the nurses or doctors were saying, suggesting different positions to labor in, and helping me to stay on track with my birth plan. Kali also took birth photos for us & I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula or birth photographer! ” – Delaney

“Kali Park was such an amazing doula and birth photographer! She is very knowledgable and experienced and served as a valuable resource before, during, and after our birth. I was especially thankful to have her as our doula for the long days of prodromal labor inexperienced which took a toll on me emotionally. Kali was so considerate to check in on me during those days and weeks before the actual birth and encouraged me tremendously. One day that I was particularly discouraged she sent a passage from scripture, Isaiah 40:28-31, which is something I held on to even into labor. Once active labor finally started, Kali arrived quickly and immediately got to work putting counter pressure on my back. Without her support I would’ve had a much more difficult time handling contractions. I love how she quietly took initiative to help me and didn’t take away from my husband’s role as coach in any way. She also served as a helper for whatever we needed. Anytime I needed a sip of water she would get it for me. We were able to have a home birth and I truly believe that I wouldn’t have endured the labor without her presence. Somehow in the midst of all she was doing to help us all, she captured such special moments in pictures. After the birth she got our pictures to us very promptly and we are so pleased to have record of such a life-changing event! My husband is a photographer and we both really appreciate the quality of her work. I am so thankful for Kali and highly recommend her!” -Sara & Matthew

Kali is one amazing photographer. She was able to catch all the special moments in the most challenging situation I could imagine any birth to be in. Knowing she was there documenting our baby’s birth through photography allowed us all to enjoy the experience without worrying about putting someone in charge of taking pictures. Her pictures are well worth the investment and we are honored to have had her photograph my two day journey through labor and delivery. ” -Nivine & Ali


Hiring Kali as my birth photographer was easily one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy.  In the midst of purchasing maternity photos and putting money down for newborn photos, I initially hesitated on the birth photography. I am SO glad I decided to go ahead with the birth photography; the pictures are absolutely priceless. Kali was very professional and kind, and I was so focused on labor that I honestly didn’t even know she was there. I didn’t have to wait weeks to see the photos like most photographers – Kali had them edited and in my inbox within days.  Once I ordered my photos, they, once again, were at my door within a few days. Don’t leave such a precious day up to family members and their cameras.  I highly recommend hiring Kali to capture every special moment.” -Jessica

“I just happened to stumble across Kali’s website from a Google search. I could immediately tell that she has a good photographer’s eye. You can put a DSLR camera in a lot of people’s hands and they all of the sudden are a professional. But there is something about a good photographer that has a natural eye for quality composition that just can’t be taught. Kali has that. Her pictures are truly amazing. My labor turned from an induction into a c-section. I gave Kali about a 30 minute notice before being wheeled back to the OR. Somehow she made it in perfect time to meet me in recovery and get pictures of those first moments I really got to hold my baby. Those moments are so precious to me and Kali captured my love, happiness, and awe in each picture. She was never in the way, she never stepped in with pose ideas, and I hardly noticed she was there (which is a compliment.) I absolutely recommend her to every expectant family. She will not disappoint but rather exceed all expectations. If I ever have another child – she will definitely be there. Thank you Kali for capturing a moment in my life that I will remember forever!” -Karla

Kali did such an amazing job capturing our home birth experience through photography.  She knew when to be present and when to give us our space as a family. Her work is highly professional and she captured the moments that bring my husband and I to tears every time we see them! I personally loved how tasteful she kept the photos that could have been a bit more graphic. She also went the extra mile to get some good photos of the nursery that we had set up for our son, Remy. Knowing that she was there documenting the special moments allowed us to sit back and focus on the birthing experience. Thank you, Kali! Such a priceless gift.” -Brad & Ashley

This was my 3rd homebirth (4th natural birth) & I wanted to capture those first moments of life of my little one!   Kali did an AMAZING job at doing just that for me!  I worried some how it would be & whether having a “photographer” present would bother me while I labored… it didn’t bother me in the least!  She was very professional & I hardly knew she was there. It was great all the way around!  I highly recommend Kali to anyone who wants to capture those first few moments of life!  It’s worth every penny & then some!  Thanks Kali!” -Annette

Kali’s photography skills are wonderful. Her eye for capturing the heart and beauty of a birth shows in every single picture. She was calm and respectful during the labor/birth, taking care to document the most precious moments without being obtrusive. Most of the time I forgot she was there! Yet the memories that I have are now captured for a lifetime in sweet, beautiful photos that are still modest enough to share with family and friends. Thank you so much!” -Megan

We immediately loved Kali Park with Mama Matters as soon as we met her. My initial contact was through e-mail and she responded promptly. We felt at ease as her babies were born at home and we were planning a natural birth at a freestanding birth center.  She was a calming presence right from the start and I barely knew she was there taking pictures. I had a long, difficult labor that lasted all day. There was a point in my labor that was really intense where the midwives and Kali were all praying for me. Kali quoted scripture and it was a really powerful moment that I will never forget. I had an asynclitic baby and a stubborn cervix. I remember thinking that Kali would probably leave because it was just taking so long, but everytime I looked up she was there. I ended up transferring to the hospital for pitocin and epidural. My husband and Kali were both present at my birth. Kali negotiated with the hospital about the pictures she could take. She captured every single moment of my birth even though she was exhausted like the rest us. Kali did an amazing job!!”  -Ashley


Kali was a great part of an amazing birth experience. From reviewing my birth plan many times, to helping me with questions to ask the doctor, to being a great doula and photographer at my scheduled family centered C-section – she was an amazing part to our very important day!!  The pictures are amazing and will be treasured for many years to come!!!” -Christie


A friend of ours said it best when they mentioned that hiring a doula for their childbirth experience was ‘worth every penny!’  I couldn’t agree more, and Kali is exceptional.  She was so easy to work with, listened intently to what our needs/wants were, and went far above the call of duty a number of times.  She was flexible, encouraging and affirming, and so attentive, literally from the day we hired her all the way thru postpartum.  My husband commented that even if I hadn’t needed her, he certainly did!  Her calming presence brought so much peace of mind and opportunity to rest and refuel that he couldn’t have imagined doing it without her.  We also used her for placenta encapsulation, and that too I’d do a thousand times over!  I was skeptical if it was really worth it, but let me say, I will NEVER face postpartum again without it.  The difference was profound and immediate, and as expected, Kali exceeded our expectations.  Timely, informative, professional, I simply can’t say enough about her.” –Joshua and Terrica


“We used all three of Kali’s services, Doula, Placenta Encapsulation and Birth Services for the home birth of our second daughter born. We give her 5 stars, she exceeded all our expectations! After the home birth of our first daughter, I realized I needed a coach for labor, wanted better pictures and needed some support for postpartum emotions 😉 I had my ideal birth because of Kali’s support as a Doula, we meet two times prenatally to talk through all the concerns I had about birth from my first home birth. She encouraged me to write a birth plan which really got me in the frame of mind to have my ideal birth! I’ve decided birth is like 95% mental and the prep and support I got from my Doula Kali was top notch and crucial to us achieving our fabulous home birth! You should see the photography Kali capture of our birth! It’s AMAZING! Birth these days isn’t shared like it use to be in the old days. We have the most stunning photos of our birth, Kali captured the emotions and exactly what went on at birth and the first two hours of our daughter’s life. Those pictures are pricesless to us. If you’re lucky enough to hire Kali, thank your lucky stars.” -Rashel 

Working with Kali was one of the best decisions my husband and I made as we prepared for the birth of our first child.  We’ve said numerous times that it was worth the money and MORE for the invaluable services she provided to my husband and I during labor and delivery.  Kali is such as sweet and encouraging person–she fosters a calm environment, also, which is what this first-time mama needed!  She really believes in what she does and wants to encourage other women to play a proactive role in their birthing experience, whether at home, a birthing center, or hospital.  She herself has had 3 children all-naturally at home, so I felt extremely confident in her ability to help me as I labored.  She helped fine-tune our birth plan and came to our house after a phone call the morning I went into labor.  She was at my home for 4 hours supporting me during the beginnings of active labor (including back labor!), was hands-off when I needed it and hands-on when I needed it.  She helped me decide when to go to the hospital and met me in my room immediately.  She brought a warm rice sock and applied counter-pressure, encouraged me to try different positions to help labor progress, and held me accountable to my desired birth plan when I was very near requesting an epidural.  While I was able to continue a medication-free labor and delivery with the help of Kali, my husband, and the wonderful nurses, I know she would not have been “disappointed” in me or judgmental of changing my mind had the outcome been different.  I will never forget her reading Bible verses aloud to me during the most difficult times.  She was such a gentle presence, and I know we would not have such as positive hospital birthing experience without her!” -Megan


Kali was absolutely amazing. My plan was to have a natural, non medicated birth, but my body didn’t agree. I got preeclampsia at week 36. They induced me at week 37. I was in shock and scared. I labored without an epidural for 30 hours before they finally decided I wasn’t going to dilate on my own. Kali Supported me through every contraction. She supported me through every tough decision I had to make during this crazy time in my life. I gave birth via C-section on 1/13/15 to the most perfect baby girl. I couldn’t have done it without Kali. She gave me peace of mind and made sure I knew every option available to me. I would recommend her services to any and every pregnant woman in our area. She is absolutely amazing!” -Roya


“Kali was absolutely amazing! She was our doula and birth photographer. At about 30 weeks my husband and I decided we would like to have a natural birth. We concluded that we would feel most comfortable by hiring a doula to guide us. A good friend recommended Kali and informed us that she was one of the best and most experienced. She proved to be that and more! Before labor she met with us and went over tons of information about birth, breastfeeding, etc. It was incredibly helpful leading up to the actual birth. We felt much more prepared then we had before. During my labor and delivery she was so encouraging and comforting. When tough choices came she helped by letting us know what to expect and informing us of the different choices we had. She also made sure that every decision made was OUR choice. She was not pushy but very gentle. One of my favorite things I remember about my birth was her reading bible verses during my labor. Hearing such powerful words pushed me on when things got very tough. She was also an incredible birth photographer. Our photos turned out beautiful. Her work reflects someone who knows the birth experience and the moments that are most important to capture. It was worth the money! Kali made our birth experience a positive one. I cannot imagine going into birth again without her. We greatly appreciate everything she provided us and consider it one of the best decisions we made. We will be hiring her again without a doubt!” – Kaylyn

Kali went above and beyond for us for the birth of our daughter! I went into this birth as a VBAC mom and I knew that I wanted a natural birth… after a wild hospital experience during my last birth, I knew that I wanted something different this time around and I also knew that I needed a little bit of help to stay on track. When I went into labor she did everything in her power to keep me comfortable and was a perfect balance with my husband’s support. Both her and my husband complimented each other perfectly during my VERY long labor and crazy wild delivery. I also hired Kali to encapsulate my placenta as well as photograph my birth and I am VERY impressed with the quality of her work! When I was pushing out my daughter (a VBAC, by the way) Kali managed to get an incredible photograph of her crowning (and she was a face presentation birth) and it was incredible! The pictures of my birth are so beautiful and amazing. I can’t possibly recommend Kali enough! She has breeched the point of Doula and became a trusted friend as well… my husband and I will use her services for any future births as well. Thank you so so much, Kali!”  – Brittany

“We hired Kali to attend the birth of our daughter as our doula/birth photographer. She was wonderful!!
Kali has very much of a calming presence that always made me feel at ease (throughout my pregnancy and during my labor…and after!). It is extremely valuable to have someone so knowledgeable and helpful with you during labor. Sometimes all you need to hear to keep going is “this is normal” or “you’re doing great” from someone you trust and who is so familiar with the natural birth process. In addition to her encouraging words, she was also a great help to me physically. I had really intense back labor and Kali was wonderful with massage and with guiding my husband in how best to help me. They were a great team! Kali also did an “as time allows” photo shoot of my birth. Her photos were amazing! She captured some really tender moments between my husband and me during my labor and afterwards with our sweet baby girl. I will absolutely cherish these pictures forever. With Kali’s help, I had a wonderful birth experience that left me feeling satisfied and empowered. As a first time mom, I truly believe it gave me a confident head start in mothering my baby. ” -Ashley

I was blessed to have Kali Park come and stay with me and help out as a postpartum doula for 5 days after the birth of my second child. Even though my son was already 2 months old, I was experiencing severe postpartum depression and OCD symptoms and needed some extra help and encouragement. Kali helped out in many ways including; cleaning and organizing my home, preparing meals, entertaining my two year old, and helping me shop. The most important thing she did though, was provide a comforting, reassuring presence during the loneliest time in my life and confidently reassure me that things would get better and I would get better. She was right and I went on to have a 3rd child without postpartum depression and am now expecting my 4th! I am thankful to have had Kali’s support and would highly recommend her doula services!” – Kriya

Having Kali on our team was a true blessing in every sense of the word. As a husband, it was a great relief to have someone in our corner that had been through the birth process many times before. Her experience and demeanor brought peace and clarity throughout the entire process. Having her there enhanced my role as a husband and allowed me to take better care of my wife. Before, during, and after the birth, she was there to support us in every way – the same way family would. We are forever appreciative for her role in the birth of our baby girl.” – Lance

As newlyweds and expecting parents, my husband Paul and I wanted encouragement and support with our pregnancy. We found Kali through our midwifes clinic, and she became our doula and friend throughout the last 2 months of my pregnancy. She provided the answers and advice to any questions I had, and my husband was very happy with her straightforwardness in answering his questions. As the man, he often felt like he wasn’t experienced with all the pregnancy related topics, but Kali made him feel included in the entire birth. During my labor, she was extremely supportive, and was very calm and relaxed. It was wonderful to have the support when I was having contractions. If I needed a hot pack, water, or just to be left alone, she took care of it. Paul was with me during all the contractions expect one, which she helped me through. I felt assured that the birth would go well, and used several techniques she had shared with me in our prenatal appointments during my son’s birth. She encapsulated my placenta, and I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my emotions after the birth. My husband and I were very pleased with our birth experience, and agree that it would not have been the same without her support. She is a wonderful doula and we hope to use her with any future children God blesses us with.” -Shanna-Kaye

It was such a blessing for me to have Kali attend the birth of our son. She was exactly what I needed at that intense point in time–a quiet and gentle presence. Kali was in tune with me and could sense that I was in no mood to talk, or listen to someone else talk! Having Kali there also helped my husband relax and take his cues from her. As this was a hospital birth, I am convinced it would have been extremely stressful without her there. The nurses were no comfort to me whatsoever! Their sole agenda seemed to be to fill my chart with stats. Kali also helped me stick to my original plan of having an unmedicated birth, when the inevitable offer of pain meds came. The rice packs that she brought were helpful in taking the edge off the intense labor pains. Unfortunately, it was decided that I needed to have a c-section in the end, but I was still grateful to have had her there to share my journey. ” -Linda

” I was in the hospital and I was about 22 hours into labor with my water broken. I was feeling the pressure of the doctors for sure when we discovered that my water had only partially broken, which was a huge praise. I looked over at Kali, and she was in tears. That was when I knew that not only was she there supporting my labor, she had been praying over us the whole time! That to me was so much more than I ever expected for a doula! I’m very thankful for her presence through it all!” – Ashley

Kali’s instruction and reading material prior to labor helped me to understand how to have a positive natural birth experience. We had an 18 hour, back labor, all natural birth. During the labor Kali bought comfort, strength, and encouragement. Kali was there every step of the way giving me confidence and assurance.  She helped make natural laboring a special experience that brought my husband and I closer together.  I found her to be very personable and was so blessed to have her as my Doula. For our next child I am going to find Kali and have the baby near her or fly her out to us.” – Krista

Kali, you were so great! I was happy to have you there. I was a little concerned that there wouldn’t be anything for you to do, just because of the way I am during labor. But I was so glad you were there. You helped me a lot with putting pressure on my back, getting things we needed, taking pictures and you had a very good sense of when to step in and when to stand back. I was very impressed! When Trey had trouble and we had to take him to the hospital, you even stayed and cleaned up for us. Thank you so much!” – Elfin

As a Dad, I felt very included in the delivery of our child. I never felt like I was intruding or in the way, but I was treated as an important part of the whole experience for my wife”. -Jeff

Having Kali as my labor doula was a very peaceful experience. My first labor experience in which I did not have a doula, was marked with regret for not standing up to the original birth plan I had desired. I knew that with my next labor, I wanted to have someone to help me through the labor with the pain management and sticking to my birth plan. Kali went above and beyond that. I chose to do a waterbirth, and she was with me through each part both in and out of the tub. She used many techniques to help soothe the pain of contractions and to remind me of my desires and help me make decisions according to the birth plan we had discussed. She had a wealth of knowledge that helped me feel secure and calm in the face of labor, which is often a confusing and sometimes overwhelming experience.” -LauRen

Having Kali as a doula at my second son’s birth made such a difference. I didn’t want much contact during labor, but having her there to support me and give me ideas and suggestions on how to relieve pain and handle the contractions really helped me get through my labor.  She even helped my husband by suggesting ways he could help me which involved him more in then labor.  Having Kali at the birth helped me and my husband have the birth experience we wanted!” -Kristen